Creativity Can…

Creativity Can

At TWIST Creative, we know the power of creativity. Our client, Faber-Castell™ and its Creativity for Kids™ brand also understands how critical it is for childhood development and success later in life. However, recent test scores pertaining to creativity have been slowly declining each year.

Together at the 110th annual American International Toy Fair in New York City, we launched the Creativity Can™ campaign to both retailers and the media. The Creativity Can™ is a small container of simple, colorful materials like pipe cleaners, googly eyes and yarn that encourages people of all ages to imagine and invent while engaging in a brain-activating, hands-on activity. The product will be distributed to select retailers in the spring and available to people for free.

Creativity for Kids hopes the Creativity Can™ will ignite a national conversation about the power of creativity and spark a creativity comeback.

We’ll keep you updated when the Creativity Can™ is available at a store near you.