• Cleveland Indians 2015 Season Campaign: The Future is Underway

    Cleveland Indians 2015 Season Campaign: The Future is Underway

    It begins with ReOpening Day 2015 This season Progressive Field has undergone an amazing modernization. What a great opportunity to leverage the idea of new. A renewed place in a [...]

  • Cuyahoga Community College: Enrollment Campaign

    Cuyahoga Community College: Enrollment Campaign

    From a Job-to a Job I love. Cuyahoga Community College draws students from several sources and one of the largest are members of the existing workforce who wake up one [...]

  • Hinkley Lighting: Digital Storefront Development

    Hinkley Lighting: Digital Storefront Development

    Express the brand & support the retailer Hinkley Lighting is a multi-generation family business who is committed to delivering beautifully designed, well-made lighting at a highly accessible price. The majority [...]

  • 2014 Cleveland Indians Season Campaign

    2014 Cleveland Indians Season Campaign

    Unfinished Business. Lets project our intensity. The 2013 season was full of surprise, delight and moments of magic.We saw progress, we saw heart and fight, hometown pride and real team [...]

  • BOMA Greater Cleveland

    BOMA Greater Cleveland

    Preparing a 100-year-old association for the next century BOMA Cleveland engaged TWIST to reposition its brand to attract new members. The association is part of an international consortium – yes, [...]

  • Cleveland Yoga

    Cleveland Yoga

    We will work for yoga When nationally renowned Cleveland Yoga approached TWIST to create a launch campaign for their newest studio, we knew we had to do at least some [...]

  • The Gerson School

    The Gerson School

    Gerson Gets Me. There is no good or bad; there are only students, their gifts and their challenges The Gerson School is a specialized academy that combines education with mental [...]

  • Black Powder Tavern

    Black Powder Tavern

    Raising Spirits Since 1746: Building a 270-year-old brand from scratch TWIST partnered with destination restauranteur Select Restaurants to improve the performance of its Valley Forge, PA location. After an audit [...]

  • Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

    Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

    A brand name that delivers on differentiation When the Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft Company first engaged TWIST, we delved deep into the traits that had already made this homegrown [...]

  • The Creativity Can

    The Creativity Can

    Faber-Castell/Creativity for Kids® needed a cost-effective lever to move their brand into the spotlight. The company sought to equate its brand with creativity and reclaim market share in the toy [...]

  • Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar

    Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar

    Position Paladar as darling of lifestyle centers everywhere. TWIST worked to provide great look and feel and also craft guidelines for a new hospitality experience. We wanted an experience that [...]

  • Alliance for Water Future

    Alliance for Water Future

    The Silicon Valley of Water Innovation is Here In the summer of 2012, a new non-for-profit organization approached TWIST. This organization’s intention was to pull the greatest minds and resources [...]

  • West Side Market Centennial Poster

    West Side Market Centennial Poster

    A visual abstraction of treasured architecture whose style presents history through the lens of fashion. TWIST created this commemorative keepsake poster as a thank you to West Side Market Centennial Gala goers. We were inspired [...]

  • Writers Center Stage

    Writers Center Stage

    When we fall in love with a book, we fall in love with the intellect that created it. Writers Center Stage brings the mission of TWIST branding client, Cuyahoga County [...]

  • Ohio City

    Ohio City

    Ohio City is a remarkable, beautiful, vibrant, complete and warm urban neighborhood whose “we are the makers” system of values is as relevant today as it was more than 200 [...]

  • Gay Games

    Gay Games

    The Gay Games 2014 is the largest single sporting event ever hosted by the state of Ohio. GAME ON! We began by telling a story of inclusion: A Global Celebration [...]

  • West Side Market

    West Side Market

    Reacquainting a city with its public market On the occasion of its Centennial, the West Side Market found itself with saddled with myths and misperceptions. Today, we as consumers are [...]

  • Cleveland Health Tech Corridor

    Cleveland Health Tech Corridor

    Take a corridor of three streets filled with underutilized and historically under appreciated, fun, kitschy and cool real estate in an urban setting and normally you would have the makings [...]

  • Downtown Cleveland Alliance

    Downtown Cleveland Alliance

    Changing the conversation about downtown Cleveland From The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Read about the campaign’s launch and see the results less than two years later. Your address makes a statement about your brand [...]

  • DentalWorks


    Extract the DentalWorks image from Sears DentalWorks is a retail dental practice with more than 140 locations in the U.S. Once known as Sears Dental and located inside of Sears [...]

  • Restaurant Week

    Restaurant Week

    Downtown Cleveland makes everything fun. Food is Cleveland’s narrative. So when we do Restaurant Week, we should do Restaurant Week. An explosion of custom illustrations and fun, fresh color drove [...]

  • 36th Cleveland International Film Festival

    36th Cleveland International Film Festival

    The design of 36th Cleveland International Film Festival The film festival lifts you out of your daily environment and provides a platform from which to gain an entirely new perspective. [...]

  • Blanche DuMois

    Blanche DuMois

    Delicate? Not for this world. New York designer Alisha Trimble’s conceptual lingerie line was in need of an identity and a launch. Enter Blanche DuMois, a lingerie line based on [...]


  • Conservancy


    Brand story: We help your national park fit your lifestyle. The National Park System of the United States is one of our nation’s greatest gifts to its citizens. How do we ensure that [...]

  • HB – Hathaway Brown

    HB – Hathaway Brown

  • CIA – Make Something

    CIA – Make Something

  • DDR – Momentum Magazine

    DDR – Momentum Magazine

  • RED { an orchestra }

    RED { an orchestra }

  • City of Shaker Heights

    City of Shaker Heights

  • Richardson Design

    Richardson Design

    Visit the website:

  • VMS – Visual Marking Systems

    VMS – Visual Marking Systems

  • The Cleveland Orchestra

    The Cleveland Orchestra

  • Orchestra of St. Luke’s

    Orchestra of St. Luke’s

  • Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

    Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

    See our work for the Sisters of Charity Health System.

  • Stark Enterprises

    Stark Enterprises

    Corporate website and various property websites created for real estate developers Stark Enterprises. Stark Enterprises Crocker Park Portage Crossing The Excelsior

  • BelVino


    Born out of a love of wine and Italy, BelVino is a discoverer and importer of boutique Italian wines. To distinguish this passion based business uniquely in a market of [...]

  • The Oliver Printing Company Holiday Identity

    The Oliver Printing Company Holiday Identity

    See other work TWIST has done for The Oliver Printing Company here.

  • Blue Spark

    Blue Spark

    What’s your idea for our battery? Making a market for printed energy: Blue Spark engineers and manufactures paper thin, disposable, printed batteries. This breakthrough technology had very little existing applications. [...]

  • The Oliver Printing Company

    The Oliver Printing Company

    CHALLENGE: TWIST was retained in 2007 to help a mid-size, high-quality print shop pursue national accounts. Oliver had become well known for its quality locally, but needed an efficient and [...]

  • Asurint:


    Background screening products and services that do more than compete; they redefine their category: Proprietary access to information is what separates the quality of an Asurint employee screening from competitors. [...]

  • Hyde Park

    Hyde Park

    Don’t treat me like a piece of meat Hyde Park Steakhouse only has one thing on its mind: younger, hipper customers. They asked TWIST for something sexy. Rather than objectifying [...]

  • Providence House

    Providence House

    CHALLENGE: Help a small non-profit organization motivate donors who are capable of taking stock in one Catholic Sister’s dream to help children and families in crisis. SOLUTION: Rebuild the brand [...]

  • SmartCase


    Work Smart This first-of-its-kind legal service product provides law firms and independent service providers with a fast, easy and efficient method of preparing medical records for litigation. These are typically [...]

  • Husqvarna/Viking


    Think outside the Big Box: Recessions bring a resurgence of home crafts. Founded in the late 1700s, Husqvarna Viking first made swords and cannons before finding its sewing soft side. [...]

  • Camp Robin Hood

    Camp Robin Hood

    Now this is fun Once the thriving summer home to the fortunate sons of New York, Boston and the North East, Camp Robin Hood’s new owners found they needed a [...]

  • AGIS


    Meditations in an emergency: Is information a remedy for fear? It is when it is the right information at a critical moment. The knowledge to go right or left, to [...]