Want to make it to MOMA, be classic, not cute.

Oh, how I wish I lived in New York City right now. I would love to dash over to the show at the AIGA National Design Center in NYC.   “The Lustigs: A Cover Story” showcases nearly 500 pieces of designer Alvin and his wife Elaine Lustig Cohen’s book, magazine and catalog covers created between 1933 and 1961. The show runs until February 15, 2013

For many graphic designers including myself, the work produced by pioneers Alvin and Elaine Lustig Cohen – two mid century modernists- remain a constant source of inspiration. They created a distinctive body of design work that melded the ideas of European modernism with a uniquely American approach to graphic design.

I’m a big believer in timeless solutions and the importance of thinking “classic”. That sort of solution will always outlive its trendy counterparts.  This approach is a constant in our studio here at TWIST Creative. I encourage our designers to keep things simple. A seasoned solution in a new context is still an original. Sometimes the answer is in the obvious. Have the discipline to eliminate ideas you like just because they are “clever/cool” and choose the solution that will stand the test of time. Train yourself to shelve an idea you love, if it’s not right – its time will come. When you look at the work of the Lustigs, you gain an appreciation of design that is both a creative endeavor and a discipline. So go be creative, but for God’s sake, be disciplined about it!